Friday, January 20, 2012

Favorite Character from a Favorite TV Show: Ian McShane as "Al Swearengen" of "Deadwood."

Hey friends, sorry for the absence but have been in production and have had a full plate.  Anyway, just posting a quick one but a great set of clips from one of my favorite shows of all-time!  "Deadwood," created, written by and executed by David Milch.  One of the main characters of the crazy ensemble from this lawless town in the old west was the owner of the Gem Saloon, "Al Swearengen" masterfully played by Ian McShane in an award winning performance.  I think "Deadwood" was one of the finest works of film/tv in the past 20 years.  David Milch has a new show on HBO called "Luck."  I hope that it can approach the quality of his western saga.  Enjoy McShane doing the words of David Milch in a terrific performance in these following clips.

A great performance in a very missed series. I hope that David Milch and the ensemble reunite for maybe a "Deadwood" movie.  One can only hope.